Our group conducts research on oil and gas field development optimization. We hope this website helps current and future research partners, sponsors, and other interested parties to browse our results and on-going projects.

Our group specializes in two primary fields: 

Subsurface Engineering

Focuses on technology applications for practical use in field development decisions. 

Business Engineering

Combines improvements in well and field development performance with external business drivers that may affect investment decisions about new business opportunities (M&A). 

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For a comprehensive description of our group's focus, click here. 

Research Papers from our Consultancy, Alboran

Our consultancy, Alboran Energy Strategy, conducts extensive research in the field of business engineering for the oil & gas industry. Alboran research is published in major professional trade and peer-reviewed journals. This ensures validation of our tacit knowledge in the codified scholarly domain. To access a selection of our published resources, grouped in various themes and journals, with PDF-links for personal download, Click here.

Call For Papers

With the strong focus in our department and industry on unconventional field development and DCA methods you and your students may be interested in submitting a paper for consideration in a Special Issue just announced by MDPI Energies.

A selection of the published paper will also be bundled in a new forthcoming MDPI Energies book (Weijermars, Patzek, Torres-Verdin and Zhang, 2020 eds.) titled “Hydrocarbon Development in Unconventional Shale and Carbonate Fields: Physics-based DCA Methods combined with Data Analytics.”

The deadline for submission of manuscripts is December 31st 2020Papers will be peer-reviewed in a timely manner, and if accepted, the publication of your paper will not be stalled until the date of special issue completion. Accepted papers are published online in MDPI Energies without delay and a selection of the very best papers will later appear in our collated special issue, which will be published in hard copy. The Call for Papers is found here:


A previous book has been completed in 2019 with co-editors (Weijermars, Yu and Khanal, 2019) “Improved Reservoir Models and Production Forecasting Techniques for Multi-Stage Fractured Hydrocarbon Wells.” That book was also based off selected papers published in the open-access online journal MDPI Energies. The MDPI team did an excellent job compiling the bundled papers for us in a book that is available for sale on Amazon as a hard copy. The good news is that the book is also freely downloadable as a pdf file:  https://www.mdpi.com/books/pdfview/book/1890

MDPI Energies currently has an impact factor of 2.707, with an increasing impact in recent years.